Courses & Schedules

“The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway” ~Henry Boye~. Author

Our semester consists of a 20-week program in small groups of only three to four students, or one-on-one. Our curriculum teaches the four skills of communication such as reading, writing, listening and speaking in the beginner, intermediate, advance and superior of conversational level.

TSL makes it easier for you. We fit into your schedule!


Just tell us how you want it and we’ll do it for YOU!


We offer you the following language sessions in a 5-month course with five monthly payments:


Spanish, English, French and German tutoring for high school and college students .

Language lessons for Professionists

Flexible schedule: Anytime  Monday through Friday  and Saturday 9am-1p.m.

2 hrs. Weekly
4 hrs. Weekly
6 hrs. Weekly

Create your own schedule!


Texas School of Languages provides a custom-tailored instruction that meets the students exactly where they are. Our curriculum is designated for maximum retention.

Language services are provided in our campus or at your place.

Our personalized instruction offers:

Immersion Language Programs
Home School programs
Skype Programs
Family & Corporate programs