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A different language is a different vision of life.


We welcome you with a spacious plaza & a fountain of languages.

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Is to meet the students’ needs by offering a quality in teaching.

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TSL was founded on March of 2007 by Horacio & Patricia Pedraza.

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Texas School of Languages was founded on March of 2007 by Horacio & Patricia Pedraza with more than 15 years of experience in bilingual education, marketing and business in Cypress Fairbanks and the Houston metropolitan area. TSL is the place where learning and fun meet! Texas School of Languages has been a part of the Cypress community for several years. Our professional and enthusiastic staff brings experience and knowledge to the table. We take pride in our instructors and students.

– Horacio & Patricia Pedraza

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We provide the best language services on the Houston area. With this great responsibility we try to offer then best services to our customers, whenever they need it.

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Recognized by CBS as one of the top in Houston

The Texas School of Languages was founded in 2007 on the principle that knowing a different language allows people to develop further in all areas of life. The school offers a variety of classes, including group courses, individual instruction and small group tutoring. All of the instructors are certified teachers and are fluent in at least three languages. Texas School of Languages even offers language camps for younger learners, Each course is a 20-week program that takes place on the campus or in the comfort of your home.

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Our Mission

The mission of Texas School of Languages is to meet the students’ needs by offering a quality in teaching with advanced and very interactive techniques. Texas School of Languages provides a custom-tailored instruction that meets the students exactly where they are. Our curriculum is designed for maximum retention. Our faculty is comprised of professional, degreed and certified teachers, who teach in their native tongue. Our school’s mission is to be able to open the barriers of communication among all ethnic groups and to spend time together in peace.

About Us

Texas School of Languages emerges in Houston to satisfy the need of our community to learn a new language that allows them to develop more as individuals in our society in all areas. Learning a foreign language is absolutely another evolutionary step that we don’t have a choice but to take on in order to remain competitive. Texas School of Languages in our fancy facility offers a unique concept of language programs for children (home school) and adults small groups, one on one,  tutoring, language Camps. Texas School of Languages offers the finest and unique personalized concept of language available for all ages with the best and most qualified language instructors, certified, degreed native and proficient in more than three languages.